About Jeevan Frontiers

Jeevan Frontiers or JF, birthed and based in Singapore, functions as a faith-based, non-profit Christian organization. Operating largely in 6 nations : North India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Myanmar, Jeevan Frontiers focuses on individual transformation and community empowerment. We work to transfer accurate, authentic code of ethical value-based principles which, when actualized will cause sustainable transformation. To execute this to functional level, relentless mentoring and intentional accountability of indigenous leadership is key. To this end, Jeevan Frontiers labours to “make every man perfect in Christ.”(Colossians 1: 28)

Our Leadership

Dr. Simon Mahendran, dental surgeon, heads a team of builders, drawn from all walks of life, in Asia, ordinary men and women. Serving in a God-ordained mandate, we are committed to pioneer and work towards the transformation of communities, beginning within the individual open to the process of change.

Our Ethos

Jeevan Frontiers is committed to work through individuals within indigenous communities. Transformation comes about when there is authentic change of character, attitudes and thought systems. Jeevan Frontiers models servant-leadership, adhering to firm standards of integrity, humility, undergirded by teamwork, sacrifice, endurance and passion.