There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.
Their line has gone out through all the earth,
and their words to the end of the world.
Psalm 19:3, 4

Dear friends and co-builders,

Greetings in the   matchless name of  Jesus,

It is the will of God that our proclamation reaches the nations of the earth.
God is stretching the line of the church. The word “ line “ implies a measure, an extent, a dimension, a range.

God desires us to expand successfully across the frontiers of the earth but we must be mindful of the platforms we employ for launching His strategic purposes.
To advance His purposes on earth (Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the world) we will have to navigate through different national cultures, geographical constraints, historical backgrounds, leadership mentalities and global trends.
The 21st century world demands that we work in synergy and not in isolation with all the above forces.

How then do we balance an aggressive advance into the kingdoms of the world with true development of our God given vision?

We are ordained to enter and occupy a place of strength. However construction of our lines throughout the earth cannot be based on methodology, selfish interests, narrow prophetic sight, personal charisma.

Our pathway to true development must be a heart set on pilgrimage—a common platform of progressive Christ-centered values designed to give us accurate corporate governance to the nations. ( Psalm 84: 5 – 7 )

Adherence to such a common platform of values shapes the corporate Christ in us.
We can look to Abraham, a pioneer whose line across the earth had no limits.
…..And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed . (Gen 12:3)

…..Look now toward heaven and count the stars if you are able to number them…and so shall be your descendents. Gen 15: 5

What did God see in him that gave him unlimited access into the nations?

Abraham possessed an ethical platform in his heart called righteousness. God had made him ready for the full expression of the work when He called him father of many nations. ( Gen 17: 4.)

 God had done an intensive work in Abraham and found him worthy.
A. We can remind ourselves of several processes necessary to build an ethical platform.

1.      Testings In Our Life.
They refine us and improve our quality of walk with Him.
We can either progress in faith or digress into unbelief and despair
 (James 1:2– 4)
2.      Need for Brokenness.
God wants to receive all the glory from the work we do for Him.
We must deal with aspects of our personalities and experience that we thought of as our strong points. To come to a place of no rights and learn in a deep way that we are nothing in ourselves opens up new things in God.
 (1 Corinthians 1: 27-29)
3.      Wilderness Times
These are times where God’s tests our motives and attitudes.
How impure, selfish or proud a leader is will generally be brought to light during such times. This time of preparation is integral to successful ministry
(.Galatians 1: 11-24)
4.   Blessings Are Also Temptations 
Even when everything is going well for us, we need to keep our sight on the Lord and not on affirmation of others. The moment we fall into pride is the moment we fall.
We need God to prepare us so that we can handle success as well as difficulty, failure and hardship in our journey.
(Proverbs 11: 2)
5.   A Clear Conscience
Get rid of ourselves of all hatred, anger, jealousy, bitterness and unforgiveness towards others. Our conscience must constantly be trained by God’s word to repent and forgive others no matter what other people did to us. We have to be intentional, not emotional.
     ( Matthew 6:14,15 )
6.   Faith
When darkness, confusion and tough circumstances of life surround us, God wants us to remain faithful to our calling. We must not settle for yesterday’s manna but learning to come continually to hear from Him for accurate advance. Remaining faithful to Him no matter what happens must then become a daily exercise for us.
( Hebrews 11:1,6)
7.   Denying Self
Being anchored on methodology, personal giftings, selfish interests, narrow prophetic sight will produce results but not the desired FINISH! Laying down our will in preference to His is a discipline we build in our lives.
     ( Romans 12: 1,2 )
8.   Preparation Never Stops
Building of an ethical platform in our hearts does not finish until we reach perfection. Everyday is a learning experience and we work towards the man perfect in Christ.
( Philippians 3 :12,  Colossians 1: 28 )

B. Jeevan Frontiers
God is developing JF through a series of phases. The crucible of ‘hard things’ has shaped our decisions and actions. Our vision ‘ to present every man perfect in Christ ‘ was crafted out of a deep conviction that character formation is a foundation for effective building in the nations. JF has been building an ethical platform of values that guides our ministry operations. Behind every value are lessons that have impacted us.
Some of these are:
servant leadership
willingness to change
building relationships
In practical terms, these values have guided us in the way we:

  • P pioneer new territories
  • P identify and work with key men in the nations
  • P implement projects
  • P take future decisions
  • P partner with others
  • P multiply and impart the vision to others
  • P establish the kingdom of God

Since 1996 His hand has led JF to establish lines through the different territories of the 20/30 window,   namely Pakistan, North India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Asia.
Continued development of our vision would hinge on how we adhere to a spiritual
system anchored on the platform of righteousness.
We must persevere. 
C. Frontlines: March 2006
1.   Hebron Corporate….. releasing kingdom impact in the marketplace
Diverse markets, millions of consumers, infinite opportunities .This is the new market of India. In March 06, the corporate arm of JF will seek to connect with new ideas, new people and better ways of doing business.
Please pray that God will grant our corporate arm true connectivity in the business world of the Indian subcontinent.
2.   Equal Partner
Many issues confront women in their development. Barriers created by gender stereotyping have hindered women from progressing into mainstream of life, career and ministry .To achieve their God given potential our  ministry of ’Empower Esthers ‘this March 2006 will continue to build  women free of insecurities, past failures, anxiety of the unforeseen, etc
Please pray that more women – God’s anointed weapon- will be released into the harvest field.
3.   Ascending Muslim Troops
Muslims in the Indian subcontinent just cannot be ignored. They make up about 400 million people .Whilst political parties wrestle over their votes, the kingdom of God must provide genuine alternatives. March 2006, sets the pace for Hebron MPC, a ministry impartation to the Muslim world. JF seeks an open pathway for effective witness.
Please pray for release of reformation grace to our  Muslim brethren.
4.   Geared Motors
After 3 months of consistent prayer and build up, March 2006 will see JF builders enter the frontlines of some 15 states. Every aspect of our ministry design will be refined to lay foundations that  will endure.  
Please pray for wisdom and accuracy for our team of builders.
5.   Chain Reaction In The Tibetan World
After 3 years of labor in 2 specific settlements of North India, God grants us new access points in Lhasa, Nepal and Ladakh. The changing landscape of our Tibetan ministry does mean the need for more hard work and heart workers.
Please pray that we will find the genuine man of peace in these frontier regions.
6.   New Flavors
The North Eastern Region of India is enticing with a range of high hills, evergreen plains and the mighty Bramaputra river .Assam is one of the eight states that make up this region. And tucked in a corner of this state are a team of builders brewing new flavors. Eight new believers experience new life after watching the Jesus film.
Please pray that effective discipleship will follow.
Please pray that signs and wonders will follow every utterance.
D. Weekly Meetings
Prayer Meetings
Every Wednesday 7pm Singapore
To be a wise master builder you can: Pray, Give, Go and Tell Others
Watering and Working in the Nations
Simon Mahendran & JF team
Jeevan Frontiers….. a synergy of  kingdom initiatives across the  20/30 window, Asia.
For more information please call 6298 6341.
To invest in the Kingdom of God, make cheques payable to "Jeevan Frontiers"
Send to: Jeevan Frontiers – Blk 668 #01-16, Chander Rd, Singapore 210668

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